Penny Castle, your challenge, should you accept it, is to apply everything that you have learnt (and hopefully will learn along the way) about executive coaching and apply it to your most important client to date: yourself. In short – try out some self coaching. You’ll need to document what you did, why you did it and if it worked.

self coaching challenge, what my clients think they are getting

What my clients think they are getting

This message will self destruct in…* insert the Mission Impossible theme tune here *

Here’s the big confession: I’ve been feeling pretty unengaged for the last few months. That’s a big crime for an executive coach who focuses a large portion of his work in coaching for employee engagement. So I’ve had the double whammy of feeling crummy and feeling pretty phoney at the same time.

Being the coach that I am and being inclined to turn the lives of everyone I know and love into social experiments I have decided the following:

self coaching challenge What my customers have actually been getting

What my customers have actually been getting

  • To apply my coaching techniques and activities to myself in some self coaching
  • To document what I’ve done, why I’ve done it and what happened over the remainder of this year (2016) in this blog

The most important outcome of my experiment is to recover (maybe even improve?) my mojo across all the dimensions of my life and I’m also hope for some happy side effects:

  • By documenting my progress I hope to keep myself honest and to force new habits (and we’ll talk about why habits are important along the way, I promise)
  • I’ll force myself to live through and document what actually does (an does not work)
  • I’m going to build some skills in blogging and writing (which I love to do and have done on and off (mainly off) over the last few years)
  • I’ve always been a bit dubious of self coaching because I wonder if I can see my own blindspots. So here goes!

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