I figured that step one of my challenge was to reflect on how I am currently doing. I used the wheel of life tool to assess my current levels of satisfaction across the different dimensions of my life.

What I did:

I’ve never used the wheel of life with my clients but lots of my fellow coaches do and I was looking for a tool to help me identify what it is that is making me feel stuck. I downloaded a wheel of life format from this site . Whilst, the process this coach used looks good but I used it slightly differently.

What I did was rate how satisfied I feel across each of these dimensions:

  • Business and career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Family and friends
  • Romance
  • Personal growth
  • Fun and recreation
  • Physical environment
  • Spiritual
  • Self-image


I did this activity with my husband. We answered for ourselves and then compared out answers.

It seems like my most satisfied dimensions we romance and physical environment. My areas of focus were Personal Growth and Fun and Recreation.


What was the impact?

Mood: Partly cloudy.

At this point I had a BIG INSIGHT because I realised that a lot of my “feeling in a rut-ness” has come from having planned up until this point and not further. For example, when I decided to become a coach I set myself a whole heap of goals across most dimensions of my life and over the course of the last few years I have achieved most of them. I see now that I rushed right past celebrating the achievement and into a listlessness from not having a sense of what is next.

The wheel of life tool allowed me to:

  • Notice the areas in my life where I’ve had big shifts (like my health) and can celebrate
  • Identify areas where I want to focus attention
  • Realise that my ennui is the result of needing to set some goals for the next stage of my life.


What’s the science behind the wheel of life?

The advantage of tools like the wheel of life is that they offer a graphical representation of the balance between different areas of our lives. As humans we are visual beings and we often find pictures easier to interpret that words. I love Cole Nussbaumer‘s work on visualising information to get more from it. As an aside here’s a recent clip she posted.

The wheel of life also allows us to look at dimensions of our lives in relation to other dimensions. Focusing on one areas of our lives can lead us to ignore other areas in our lives – I often see this when working with my career minded clients: Their careers are great but they often are less satisfied with the level of purpose or relationships.

How you can use this tool:

  • Download the wheel of life tool (I used this one)
  • Rate how you feel about the different dimensions of your life
  • Use the results to identify the areas to celebrate and to identify the areas you want to focus some attention. You can use this in a “lite” wayto come up with an action list or you can use this as an input tool to a more in depth coaching process with an executive coach .


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