Individual leadership coaching for business skills

We offer individual leadership coaching sessions for business leaders and owners. We focus our individual leadership coaching on helping you to build practical leadership skills. We do this in two levels:

  • Building the how-to leadership skills you need to move your business forward
  • Overcoming hurdles that have stopped you implementing leadership skills in the past

Individual Leadership Coaching with Penny CastleIf you are like the business owners and managers we work with you are extremely skilled in your chosen field. You need individual leadership coaching to build the practical leadership skills that you need to grow your business.

Leadership isn’t a birth right. It’s a set of skills that can be mastered with knowledge and skill. Standard leadership programs cover common leadership skills. They build knowledge leaving you to implement on your own. If you’re our kind of client you don’t have the time to review general leadership skills. You want to focus your individual leadership coaching sessions on the skills that will improve your business. You need to develop strategies to implement the skills.

What’s in it for you?

In your individual leadership coaching sessions you’ll get to:

  • Take leadership from an aspiration to a practice. You’ll break it down into the skill sets you need
  • Build the practical leadership skills you need to grow your business
  • Overcome the blocks that have stopped you implementing these leadership skills
  • Work with a challenging, supporting and pragmatic coach heavily invested in your success

So that you can:

  • See measurable results in your business
  • Have a motivated workforce
  • Grow your bottom line

Why choose us for individual leadership coaching?

We focus on practical leaderships skills that will give you most benefit in your business. We don’t waste your time with interesting but irrelevant skills. In individual leadership coaching sessions we combine building leadership skills with practical strategies for implementation.

You will find the individual leadership coaching style at Castle and Associates is supporting, challenging and pragmatism. We will dig deep with you to overcome challenges. We always keep our eye on the goal of helping you implement practical leadership skills.

What should you expect from your individual leadership coaching session?

Individual leadership coaching sessions are 90 minutes long. Often they are spaced two weeks apart. We can vary that according to your schedule. If you are local we meet in person. If you are further away we use Skype.

In the first session you will spend most of the time getting really specific about what you want to achieve. We’ll work with you to crystallise your needs into specifics. You’ll know exactly how much progress you’re making as the coaching unfolds.

In follow up individual leadership coaching sessions we’ll beginning building the practical leadership skills. You’ll explore what you’ve tried so far. We’ll help you identify the exact skill set you need, through insight and information. We’ll help you build strategies for practical implementation. Often you’ll have all the knowledge you need but find that you have been doing something else. We’ll help you identify what’s been holding you back and work with you to develop strategies to overcome the stumbling blocks.

Between the sessions it’s up to you to implement what you’ve learnt. You wont be alone! We’ll check in with you to support you.

All our clients love their individual coaching sessions. You’ll find that the value of your coaching comes between the sessions. You’ll find yourself doing things you couldn’t do before. You’ll be making new connections and having new insights.

What’s next?

You are just 4-steps from building practical leadership skill. It’s easy and risk-free.

Step 1:Book an initial no-charge coffee session by clicking here.

Step 2:We’ll chat about what you are looking for from your coaching. We will help you identify which skills will be most useful. You’ll get to meet one of our coaches. You can decide whether we are people you’d like to work with.

Step 3: We’ll prepare a proposal for you. It’ll summarise what we discussed at the coffee session. It will give you a sense of how much coaching you’ll need and what it will cost.

Step 4: Schedule your first coaching session!

Start the the process by booking your free chemistry session by sending an email to: