A team coach can help your team succeed

Your team coach will work with your team to become a high performance team.

What should you expect from a team coach?

Your team coach will design a program to assist you to:

  • Build practical leadership skills
  • Build relationships

So that your team can deliver top-notch projects with:

  • High innovation
  • High energy
  • No wasted time and energy in turf wars
  • Little effort wasted on conflict

Team coaching is designed to combine a facilitated team sessions with opportunities for learning.

You worry about time out of the office. Your team coach will design your program to allow your team to work on genuine business problems at the same time as building leadership skills.

Your team coach will work in a 3-step process.Process followed by a team coach

  1. Find your team’s current edge, strengths and goals
  2. Help you build practical leadership. Help you build relationship skills. Focus on solving your business issues.
  3. Help you see your team’s new opportunities

Why would you need a team coach?

All teams spend some time in disruptive phases. In your team this might be showing up as:

  • Having great ideas but not meeting deadlines
  • Meeting deadlines with the wrong work
  • Mistakes and rework
  • Missing opportunities for innovation
  • Governance issues
  • Doing the right things but being difficult to work with
  • Spending too much effort to get the job done.

Why use our team coach?

Team Coach - Penny CastleUsing a team coach is more effective than other interventions:

  • Team building:
    • Does build a sense of fun
    • Doesn’t build leadership skills
    • Doesn’t solve business problems
  • Facilitated sessions:
    • Does provide leadership skills
    • Doesn’t make time for you to practice new skills
    • Doesn’t result in you team implementing their skills
    • Doesn’t solve business problems at the same time
  • Individual leadership coaching
    • Does build leadership skills
    • Does build relationships
    • Is expensive when there are many people in the team
    • Does involved lots of time out of the office
    • Doesn’t get rolled out beyond executive team level
  • Classroom or online learning sessions
    • Does focus leadership
    • Doesn’t often help you implement learning
    • Doesn’t focus on your relationships
    • Doesn’t solve live business problems

What’s next?

You are just 4-steps from building a high performance team. It’s easy and risk-free.

  • Step 1: Contact us via penny@castlecoaching.co.za or on +27 83 628 2806. Set up an initial no-charge briefing session. Tell your team coach about the challenges facing your team
  • Step 2: We’ll help you identify which skills will be most useful for your team. You’ll get to meet a team coach. You can decide whether we are people you’d like to work with.
  • Step 3:We’ll prepare a proposal for you. It’ll summarise what we discussed at the briefing session. It will give you a sense of how much coaching your team will need and what it will cost.
  • Step 4: Schedule your first session with your team coach!

Start the the process by booking your free briefing session by sending an email to: penny@castlecoaching.co.za