Join international coach and vision board expert, Nicky Castles, to build and interpret your  personal vision board

How Will A Vision Board Help You?

Your grief is a double-whammy. There’s your grief for the person you lost AND the grief for the future you had dreamt of with them.

You might have tried working with someone already. Perhaps they’ve taken you through the Stages of Grief Models or another therapy but it hasn’t helped. In fact, it’s compounded your anxiety by making you feel you are mentally ill or, worse, that grief is linear and you’re not heading towards the finish line fast enough.


You can’t cure or get-over grief.

We believe that by managing the components of grief that you can learn to adapt to it Grief will never go away but you will be able to accommodate it so that it is only a part of your life.

A good starting point is to create a vision board.

Vision boards ease grief-induce anxiety by helping to process your experience. You can also use it to help you create a vision of what life could be when you have adapted to grief.


What Other People Say

I was just not feeling good enough because of the challenges in my relationship. This was affecting my general wellbeing, self-worth and confidence…  I got to really come to terms with what my own narrative has been all along, what my thoughts were and what informed them. Then I could start choosing different thoughts. I got to know myself as a powerful force that can attract good things including abundance.
Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe

CEO, U-Care